President, CEO
Chris Barstow
Ext. 115
Credit Manager
Petra Barstow
Ext. 111
VP of Business Operations
Kelly Barstow
Ext. 116
Chief Operating Officer
John Libby Ext. 136
VP of Procurement
Jeff Barstow
Ext. 147
VP of Sales
Chris Langella
Ext. 149
Sales Representatives
Tony Balsama
Ext. 151
John Langella
Ext. 143
Ken McPherson
Ext. 142
Tammy Parola
Ext. 122
Chris Soucy
Ext. 117
John Conway, Territory Sales Manager/Sales Analyst
Ext. 119
Marie Garcia-Merrill, Inside Sales Assistant
Ext. 127
Amy Hopfmann, Inside Sales/Outside Sales Consultant
Ext. 113
Catagory Managers/Purchasing
John Langella
Ext. 143
Jeff Sargent
Ext. 128
Jenna Lowney
Ext. 131
Chris Castano
Ext. 186
Craig Lajoie – Marketing Manager
Ext. 137
Alicia MacDonald – Marketing Bookkeeper
Ext. 124
Colleen Carey – Marketing Assistant
Ext. 139
Joe Hanson, Manager
Ext. 125
Human Resources
Christy Barstow, Human Resources Coordinator
Ext. 129
Kelly McLean, Accounts Payable
Ext. 114
Serena Maloney, A.R. Credit Coordinator
Ext. 133
Alyssa Passanisi, A.R. Coordinator
Ext. 150
John Reddick, Senior Accountant
Ext. 118
Emily Balsama, Administrative/Inside Sales Assistant
Ext. 112
Alicia Leavitt, Receptionist/Administrative Assistant
Ext. 110