4 Fancy French Fry Creations

Even the best of fries can be a little dull and lifeless on their own. With a few simple additions, you can liven up a plain side dish, create a brand new appetizer, or even whip up a unique dessert that is perfect for your guests to share as a group.

Simple and Sweet

Since sweet potatoes are naturally sweet, why not turn them into a dessert?

  • Spread out your already cooked sweet potato fries—we love the classic, unseasoned sweet potato fries from Lamb Weston because the don’t have any seasonings that will ruin the sweetness of this dish
  • Layer on top granola clusters, marshmallow fluff or mini marshmallows, and butterscotch chips and pop them in the oven until everything is melted for a unique and delicious creation
  • Pop these in the broiler to get the camp-fire cooked taste of the marshmallows
  • We like white chocolate chips and maple syrup with sweet potatoes as well, so you can try drizzling those on top for a different combination that’s just as satis-frying


See the full recipe and pictures here!

Tossed in Flavor

For a vamped up side dish:

  • Cook your fries as normal – we like the classic Cavendish skin-on fries with sea salt for a natural feel and taste
  • Add minced garlic, salt, oil, and chopped parsley
  • Toss the fries around with these ingredients while they’re warm
  • We like this combination with a generous amount of parmesan cheese mixed in!


See the whole recipe here with instructions and mouth watering photos!

Skinny? Texas Cheese Fries

  • This particular recipe uses wedge cut fries, and we like the crinkle cut wedge fries from Lamb Weston for a nice crunch
  • Load them up in the skillet with spices—smoked paprika, chili powder, garlic powder, cumin, salt, fresh cracked pepper, or any of your choice
  • Pile on cheddar cheese and slices of turkey bacon (you know, to make it healthy)
  • Spread out jalapenos on top! Not sure where the skinny comes in, but sounds amazing!
  • Ken’s Ranch Dressing is perfect for a cool, creamy dip


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Turn Up the Heat

Buffalo Chicken Loaded Baked Sweet Potato Fries

  • We like the crispy seasoned Jersey Shore sweet potato fries from Cavendish for this one. They are perfect for this hot creation because they stay crispy even with all the gooey layers on top, and they come already seasoned for the best flavor!
  • On top of your fries, sprinkle on your favorite cheese, buffalo chicken, crumbled blue cheese, and toss ‘em in the skillet.
  • These are also great with scallions sprinkled over the top, and Ken’s Ranch Dressing again goes great drizzled on top for a substitute for the blue cheese.


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Improvise and customize these recipes whatever way you’d like! The combinations are endless.