The Favorite Foods Circus is Coming to Town!

At Favorite Foods, our annual New Item Marketplace is something that is a huge part of who we are. Our customers know that come the first week in April, it’s show time! The theme, the decorations, and the energy in the room, are all part of the reason customers come back year after year, rain, snow, or anything in between. Besides the theme, what makes this show stand apart from other food shows is the fact that this all about our manufacturer partners presenting items that are completely new to the industry. This gives show attendees the opportunity to get new menu items out for the demanding, crazy summer season New England has every year, whether a customer is a seasonal account or not.

Our partners are a huge part of the show, and after all these years, they have become part of our family too. Our partners show our customers how to best prepare these new items, and seeing it first-hand makes all the difference. It’s always important for us to keep our customers informed on the latest and greatest trends so they remain on top of the competition, and this show is a great way to do that.

Another important thing to know is that attendees get exclusive deals on hundreds of items during an eight-week period from May-July. This allows our customers to get product at a discounted rate during a big chunk of summer! After filling out a raffle ticket, customers also have the chance to win one of five great prizes in a raffle during the show. We’ll be announcing one winner each hour and, don’t worry, if you leave the show and we call your name, we’ll have your sales representative deliver the prize to you! This year we’re giving away some awesome prizes, including a TV, a GoPro, and an Amazon Fire Kindle!

Reach out to your Favorite Foods sales representative for more information and to pre-register for the show!


The 2018 New Item Marketplace is sponsored by our partners: