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Fries That Stay Crispier Longer

Keep fries crispy all the way home with our new Crispy on Delivery™ offerings!

Your reputation rides on every order you serve—and now more than ever, that includes takeout and delivery. Our revolutionary light batter keeps fries crispy up to 30 minutes with vented packaging, so customers still get the crunch they crave long after their order has left your kitchen.

Introducing CrispyCoat™ Fries 3/8″ Regular Cut Crispy On Delivery™ Fries #7300110

CrispyCoat™ fries have an even-batter coating delivering crispiness while extending hold time. This revolutionary regular cut skin-on fry provides exceptional delivery and takeout characteristics, maintaining crispiness up to 30 minutes when using vented packaging. The skin-on cut provides a unique, back-of-house appearance perfect for any location.

The researches at Lamb Weston found that since Covid-19:

  • 62% of consumers seek better takeout and delivery fries
  • 33% of consumers are eating comfort food now more than ever before and fries are an ultimate comfort food

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