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Fully Cooked Hormel® Proteins

Takeout & delivery continues to be in demand even as restaurants begin opening back up, and when it comes to food, people want it fast. Whether your primary focus is still serving takeout & delivery promptly, or you find yourself short staffed or unable to bring back your full kitchen team, the below protein products will help you immensely. These items are all fully cooked, saving you time & labor, and they’re perfect for any type of establishment, so you can continue to get food out quickly to your loyal customers.

AUSTIN BLUES® Carolina-Style Smoked Pulled Pork #7602605

Fully cooked pork shoulder meat is naturally hardwood smoked for up to six hours. After smoking, it’s lightly pulled
and finished off with a clear Carolina-style vinegar sauce.

  • Natural smoke flavor and appearance allows any operator to menu genuine bbq.
  • Lightly mopped with Carolina-style vinegar sauce allows for freedom and flexibility to create signature dishes.
  • Quick and easy to prepare, saves on time and labor.

Menu Idea: Pulled Pork Benedict: Whole wheat English muffin with AUSTIN BLUES® Pulled Pork and
poached egg topped with apple cider hollandaise and microgreens.

HORMEL® FIRE BRAISED™ Turkey Breast #7613946

Natural shape, single lobe turkey breast that is first seared then slow-cooked in its own natural juices.
A true slow cooked turkey that is moist, tender and flavorful.

  • Seared exterior for unique flavor and appearance.
  • On trend preparation method that doesn’t require special equipment.
  • Natural flavor allows for extreme versatility and flexibility across the menu.

Menu Idea: Turkey & quinoa salad: HORMEL® FIRE BRAISED turkey, quinoa, fresh corn, red bell
pepper, cucumber, scallions and basil on baby greens and drizzled with a black pepper-orange vinaigrette.

HORMEL® FIRE BRAISED Chicken Breast #7646750

chicken breasts are first seared before being slow-cooked in their own juices. The result is a tender
and juicy chicken breast with a delicious and visually appealing caramelized exterior.

  • Natural shape and caramelized exterior makes this chicken breast indistinguishable from
    scratch cooking.
  • On trend preparation method that doesn’t require special equipment.
  • Quick and easy to prepare, so it saves time and labor.

breast chopped and piled on top of a greek grain bowl with couscous, hummus, tomatoes, radishes,
paprika-fried chickpeas, spinach and micro greens.

HORMEL® FIRE BRAISED Pulled Chicken Breast & Thigh Meat #7685605

Boneless chicken thighs and breasts are first seared with to caramelize the exterior and develop flavor,
then slow-cooked until tender, moist and delicious. Then, the meat is pulled.

  • Seared exterior for unique flavor and appearance.
  • On trend preparation method that doesn’t require special equipment.
  • Lightly seasoned so it can be served as classic comfort food or customized into a variety of globally
    inspired dishes.

Menu Idea: Smokey Pulled Chicken Flatbread: Grilled flatbread with AUSTIN BLUES® Pulled Chicken,
white barbecue sauce, colorful tomatoes, smoked mozzarella, garlic and basil.

HORMEL® BACON 1™ Perfectly Cooked Bacon #7429648

Eliminates the hassles of cooking bacon from raw.BACON 1 fully cooked bacon is naturally hardwood
smoke with a blend of distinctive smokes including applewood. This item comes bulk-packed with six
sheets of 50 slices for easy handling (300 slices).

  • Frees up people, equipment and space.
  • From package to plate in moments.
  • Delivers the flavor, texture, and appearance of freshly cooked from raw premium bacon.

Menu Idea: Bacon Avocado Toast: Toast with mashed avocado, over easy eggs, greens & HORMEL®
BACON 1™ Perfectly Cooked Bacon.


Fully cooked signature meatballs made with beef, pork, and a fresh Italian spice blend. The product has
an authentic meaty bite and a delicious made from scratch flavor. Each meatball average weight is 1/2 oz.

  • Authentic Italian flavor.
  • Made from scratch quality.
  • Fully cooked for convenience.
  • Helps control portion costs.
  • Eliminates food safety concerns associated with preparing raw meats.
  • All meat.

Menu Idea: Meatball Sliders: FONTANINI® MAMMA-RANNE’S® meatballs served inside slider buns
with melted Parmesan cheese and Marinara sauce.

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