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Ingredients You Can Pronounce

A local company, headquartered in North Andover, Bake’n Joy was the first to bring “thaw, scoop, and bake” muffin batters to the market. They’ve perfected their batters, doughs, and mixes to save your busy bakers time and labor without having to cut out quality or that “scratch made” taste. Their products are easy to use and versatile, so creativity is encouraged.

Bake’n Joy is proud to introduce Kitchen Cupboard™, a full line of clean label products for baked goods with ingredients customers can pronounce.

From Mixes & Bases to frozen ready-to-bake muffin batters and doughs, the experts at Bake’n Joy have formulated products for your fresh baked clean label items. Kitchen Cupboard™ products contain NO: bleached flour, artificial flavors, artificial colors, high-intensity sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup, artificial preservatives, aluminum phosphates, partially hydrogenated oils, modified starches and trans fats… Just wholesome, natural ingredients your customers would find in their own kitchen cupboards!

Your customers want to know what’s in the foods their eating, so being able to advertise your baked goods as Clean Label is something that will set your items apart from the rest and gives customers a reason to come back. Parents can feel good about feeding their child a treat that they know is all natural, and parents can indulge guilt-free in a treat of their own!

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