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4 Reasons to Choose Michigan Turkey

“We have a simple mission. To provide nutritious and good tasting, quality turkey products by growing, processing, and delivering a consistent, reliable, value-added commodity source for industrial foodservice and retail customers.”

When you’re purchasing Michigan Turkey’s turkey products, you’ll be happy to know that you’re supporting a company that holds these four qualities:

1. Grower Owned

The 15 original founding growers still sit on Michigan Turkey’s board and are actively involved in the company. Being locally owned means they can easily adapt to changing needs in the field and with customers.

2. Committed to Craft and Quality

They’ve spend decades mastering craft and redefining the standard of quality. All this experience has lead
to great attention to detail in all of their products. Therefore, their products are both the most
flavorful and best all-around value you can purchase.

3. Humanely Harvested

The birds are given ample living space in open-air barns & they are loaded hands-free with a humane loading system.
This means less stress on the animal, a more consistent product for you, and a safer workplace for them.

4. Sustainable

All of Michigan Turkey Producers operations reflect that they care about the environment. They do their part by
conservatively using fuel and recycling production waste. They strive to be environmentally conscious in all
of their actions. Their farms and processing plants are in close proximity, with the average travel time under 40 minutes,
which means less pollution and energy use overall.

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