Mid-Town Favorite Beef: More Than Just Meat!

For over two years, Favorite Foods and Mid-Town Favorite Beef have been working together to fully merge as one. What does this merge mean? This means Mid-Town Favorite Beef is no longer just a meat cutting company. While they still cut custom cuts of meat every day, all day, they are now a broadline foodservice distributor, with access to all of Favorite Foods inventory…over 4,000 items!

As a Favorite Foods customer, you can now offer premium cuts of meats on your menus from a company that’s been cutting for over 40 years with team members who are passionate about what they do. You no longer have to worry about cross contamination in your own kitchen because the meat is cut before it even gets to you and is vacuum sealed for freshness, of course. You can also save time and not worry about wasting product or “messing up” by letting the professionals at MTFB take care of the precise cutting for you.

Already a Mid-Town Favorite Customer? Great! You can now flip through the entire Favorite Foods catalog and have access to it all with it being shipped down to their warehouse in Leominster, MA. You can now buy all your products from one place, making things a lot easier for you.