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National French Fry Day

It’s National French Fry Day! This means we’re celebrating French Fries in all shapes and sizes for all types of establishments. Did you know that serving fries loaded up with toppings is one of the hottest food trends in the appetizer category? With a plethora of toppings to choose from, loaded French Fries changes the fry game and allows for great profitability, and creates a unique dish that everyone can share. You can create these dishes using a variety of fries, from skin-on, to crispy, to crinkly, to sweet potato, the possibilities are endless! Click here to see Cavendish’s loaded French Fry recipes and learn how profitable they can be, whether you are a sports bar or a casual dining establishment, or even a diner!

On the topic of diners, potatoes for breakfast are just as important, and your hash browns and home fries play a huge roll in whether customers return to your establishment for breakfast or whether they go to the guy next door instead. The Cavendish Breakfast Solutions brochure was created to help you get those customers back again and again with delicious potato options designed for specifically for breakfast menus. When simply frying up your potatoes and placing them next to your bacon and eggs isn’t enough, dice them, wrap them, top them, and add them to your breakfast sandwiches for something that customers won’t even know they were missing!

Ask your Favorite Foods or MTFB sales representative how to achieve these menu items and which Cavendish items to start with.

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