Industry Insight

Niman Ranch: Sustainable, Humane, and Family Farm Focused

Niman Ranch, which began as just one farm, has grown into a large network of U.S. family farmers and ranchers – over 750 families across 28 states, many of which are second and third generation farmers who inherited the land from their parents and grandparents. “Their passion for the land and raising livestock provides the foundation for Niman Ranch’s finest tasting meat.”

“We define family farming as a farm or ranch that is owned and operated by a family who relies on that farm as their primary source of income. Since families have a personal investment to carry on their farming legacy, family-owned operations have a greater stake in their livestock and their land.”

At Favorite Foods, part of our mission is to support local, independently owned restaurants and shops like yours, and Niman Ranch’s structure supports small, independent family farms, so partnering up was a no-brainer. When you purchase and sell Niman Ranch products at your location, you are supporting these family farms and their local communities. “From small Midwestern hog farms, to high Rocky Mountain lamb and cattle ranches, we hold the highest respect and gratitude for our family farmers and ranchers. We hope that you’ll get to know them, too!”

Niman Ranch is focusing on a unique item that is ideal for many types of businesses. You’ll be happy to hear that all pork used in Niman Ranch’s Charcuterie line is raised by small, independent family farmers who are committed to sustainable and humane practices. This Charcuterie line was created to honor the time and care the farmers put into raising the animals, by producing a high quality dry-cured product.

Ideal locations to approach with bulk sticks:

  • Any restaurant serving lunch, sandwiches, or pizza
  • House-made pasta and gourmet, sustainable
  • Italian restaurantsPerfect for dicing our bulk sticks
    • Pancetta and Capocollo for carbonara and other cream sauces
    • Linguini with clams and salame
    • Sopressata and spinach pasta
    • Mac and cheese with sopressata or pancetta
  • Sandwich shops and lunch cafés
  • Gourmet sandwiches are trending for lunch; our full line of bulk sticks satisfies this trend
  • Meal delivery services

Ideal locations to approach with snack packs:

  • Hospitals
  • Hotels, resorts, and casino grab-n-go
  • Business & industry campuses
    • Great gourmet option for kiosks
  • Sports & entertainment concessions
  • Colleges & universitiesSnack stations and cafés
  • Airport grab ‘n go kiosks
  • High end liquor/wine stores – charcuterie and liquor go well together

With premium ingredients, Certified Humane products, uncured meats (no nitrates or nitrites) which is actually rare in charcuterie, and of course supporting small, family farms across the US, charcuterie is something people can feel good about selling.