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Stratas: The Leading Supplier of Oils

Stratas is the leading supplier of fats, oils, mayonnaise, dressings and sauces to the Foodservice, Food Ingredients and Retail Private Label markets in North America. We stock oils & shortenings ideal for baking, frying, sautéing, and more. Take a look at some of our popular items:


Super Fry Soy Flex® Donut Fry Shortening #4761003

Soy Flex is a domestic soybean based shortening that offers a creamier, more consistent texture, a wide temperature range and contains no tropical oils. Soy Flex, for shortening that’s as smooth as silk and consistent from cube to cube.

Super Fry Soy Flex is a zero grams trans-fat donut fry shortening that is great for a multitude of deep frying applications in bakeries and donut shops.

  • Soybeans Grown in the USA
  • For Use in a Wide Variety of Deep Fat Frying Applications in Bakeries and Donut Shops
  • Retains Sugars and Glazes and Performs Well Under the Most Demanding Conditions
  • Zero Grams Trans-Fat Per Serving


Sweetex Golden Flex® Cake and Icing Shortening #4721362

Golden Flex expands the reach of non-PHO shortenings into the more challenging baking
applications. Unlike most non-PHO shortenings which suffer reduced functionality and
flexibility compared to PHO shortenings, Golden Flex is a true PHO-free drop-in replacement.

Sweetex Golden Flex Cake and Icing Shortening is a zero grams trans-fat soy based shortening
developed for use in hi-ratio cakes. Cakes made with this product have outstanding flavor and
texture. Brilliant white icings made with Sweetex Golden Flex have superior spreadability and
excellent mouthfeel.

  • Soybeans Grown in the USA
  • Higher Yield and Volume Than Traditional Zero-Trans Shortenings
  • Brilliant Creamy White Icings and No Waxy Mouth-Feel or Off-Notes
  • Outstanding Texture and Flavor
  • Superior Spreadability
  • Produces Outstanding Decorating Icings
  • Zero Grams Tran-Fat Per Serving


BBS® Flex Palm All-Purpose Shortening #4761341

We all know the issues with palm shortenings – they’re hard to work with, not as creamy, not
as white, and different in texture. That’s why Stratas Foods, leader in innovation, developed
a new process called “Flex Palm” that produces our zero grams trans-fatshortenings.

BBS Flex Shortening is a zero grams trans-fat all-purpose, unemulsified shortening used in a
variety of baking applications such as cookies, pound cakes, pie doughs and donuts. BBS Flex
provides consistency and maximum performance in every batch.

  • Easier to Work with Over a Wider Temperature Range
  • Smoother and Creamier
  • Perfect for Pound Cakes, Pies, and Cookies
  • More Consistent on a Cube to Cube Basis
  • Zero Grams Trans-Fat Formula


Frying Oils

Frymax® Soy Supreme Frying Oil #4740226

Frymax Soy Supreme is a clear frying oil made from 100% high oleic soybean oil. Frymax Soy
Supreme has zero grams of trans-fat per serving, and provides outstanding fry life vs. traditional
soybean or high oleic canola oils.

FRYMAX oils are subjected to additional trace metal reduction and our ultra-purification process.
This process is unique to Stratas, and was developed to remove impurities from the oil, thereby
improving flavor and increasing fry life.

  • 100% High Oleic Soybean Oil
  • Enhanced performance vs. Regular Soybean Oil
  • Excellent Fry Life
  • Zero Grams Trans-Fat Per Serving


Mazola® ZT Frying Oil #4740320

Mazola ZT is a clear frying oil made from a unique blend of corn and high-oleic sunflower oils.
Mazola ZT contains zero grams of trans-fat per serving, and provides excellent fry life with a light
corn flavor. Mazola is a brand your customers have trusted since 1911.

  • Unique Blend of Corn and Sunflower Oils
  • Excellent Fry Life
  • Trusted Brand Name Since 1911
  • Outstanding Flavor Profile
  • Zero Grams Trans-Fat Per Serving

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