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European Bakers Thaw & Serve Breads

Favorite Foods carries a variety of Flowers Bakeries thaw & serve breads that were created to bring ease fast-paced foodservice kitchen. You can easily take your menu to the next level with Flowers abundant selection of both classics breads and rolls and modern items that are trending in today’s restaurants.

Why Thaw & Serve?

  • Unmatched Variety – Differentiate your menu with a large selection of on-trend options
  • Always First Day Fresh – Freezing fresh bread stops the staling process, so bread will still taste fresh when thawed. Thaw & serve breads give you get fresh-baked quality and convenience.
  • Save Time & Money – Their¬†breads are delivered on the same truck as the rest of broadline orders, making it convenient and cost-efficient to manage your inventory.
  • Easy Handling & Long Shelf Life – For first day-fresh bread, thaw at room temperature for 12 to 24 hours. Once thawed, store at ambient temperature and the bread will stay fresh for 5 to 7 days.
Since 1978, European Bakers breads has celebrated the delicious pleasure that great breads bring
to the table. Here’s a selection of thaw & serve bread products crafted to meet the challenges of
your fast-paced foodservice kitchen.

100% Whole Wheat bread #7078834
8/32 oz loaves, 1/2″, 24 slices

Thick Sliced Marble Rye #7079790
8/30 oz loaves, 19 Slices

5/8″ High Crown Sourdough Sliced #7079699
8/40 oz loaves, 19 slices


Pullman Soft White Bread #7073421
10/24 oz loaves, 24 slices

Deli Style Hearty White Bread #7073430
8/24 oz, 18 slices

Cinnamon Raisin Bread #7110724
10/28.5 oz, 23 slices

New England Style Hot Dog Bun #7075340
8/12 Count, 6″