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Which Glove Fits You Best?

Powdered Vinyl Gloves

The Safety Zone’s most popular general purpose glove is the Vinyl glove. Vinyl gloves are silicone free, latex free, and stronger than polyethylene gloves. They also offer greater comfort for tasks like food prep, bussing, and cleaning, where gloves will be worn for longer periods. Vinyl gloves are also significantly less expensive than nitrile and latex gloves.

Powder Free Nitrile Gloves

Nitrile gloves are the perfect compromise between latex and vinyl. Nitrile is made from an allergy safe compound and are silicon and latex free. These gloves feels a lot like latex but are much stronger and more comfortable to wear. Nitrile is perfect for demanding applications, especially cleaning and dishwashing. The Safety Zone’s Nitrile glove was voted best of 2018 by!

Powder Free Natural Latex Gloves

The Safety Zone Latex gloves provide the best feel, fit, and dexterity. These are available in both lightly powdered and powder free options in a variety of thicknesses. Their polymer coated latex gloves provide an additional barrier to prevent latex proteins from touching the skin. These are 100% silicon free.

Powder Free vs. Powdered?

Powder Free gloves go through an extra process of chlorinating the gloves, making it easier to take the gloves on or off. vs Powdered gloves are produced with a food grade corn starch powder, making it easier to take them on or off – especially with wet hands.
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