Aspire Bakeries

At Aspire Bakeries, our brands are what set us apart. Our three leading consumer brands have a rich and diverse history and provide us a unique position in the marketplace with the #1 artisan bread brand and #1 foodservice cookie brand.


La Brea Bakery

When the pastry chefs at Campanile couldn’t find bread good enough for their restaurants, they spent a year crafting the perfect recipe. They created a bread with a caramelized, golden crust, soft interior and rustic appearance.
Their signature recipe resulted in such delicious artisan bread that they opened La Brea Bakery on La Brea Ave. When there were people lined up outside the bakery every morning, and the bread sold out by 11 AM, they knew they had a hit.
Today, we use the same sourdough recipe and the same artisan techniques in our La Brea Bakery artisan breads found in local grocery stores.

For 30+ years, we have made delicious hearth-baked breads for consumers to enjoy. Handcrafted using timeless precision, our ever-evolving product assortment is sure to delight.

Otis Spunkmeyer

Flour, butter, eggs and sugar may be simple ingredients, but we’ve spent over four decades making some amazing baked goods with them. Sure, that might sound a little old fashioned in a world that seems to be obsessed with technology and posts. But while we have nothing against a good post, we are convinced that there is a certain kind of timeless happiness that you can only get from taking a bite of a delicious sweet treat baked by Otis Spunkmeyer®. And we should know, because in our 44+ years of making cookies, muffins and other sweet delicious treats, we have mastered the art of deliciousness.

You may be seeing Otis Spunkmeyer in some new places, but we are still the company customers know and love. Since starting as a chain of cookie stores in 1977, we have grown in all sorts of ways. We moved into foodservice making fresh-baked cookies in thousands of locations in every corner of the country. And now a whole generation of kids has grown up recognizing that Otis Spunkmeyer products have been used to raise funds for their local organizations. Since the company’s start, these activities have created familiarity (70% aided brand awareness nationwide) and loyalty for the brand.



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