Cavendish Farms

A Family Food Company

We’re a family food company that puts pride, dedication and a whole lot of know-how into everything we grow, and everything we make. Cavendish Farms is part of a family owned company that has been customer focused since 1882.

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Partnering with Farmers

Built by the expertise of growers over generations, we have a proud history and deep roots. Bringing the goodness of the farm to homes and restaurants is what we do best with a strong commitment to the land, to the community, and to the people around the world who love our food.

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Smart Innovation

We’ve forged a strategic partnership with Holland College’s Culinary Institute of Canada to create the Cavendish Culinary Creation Center. Our team of food experts uses its know-how to transform food trends into crowd pleasing flavors and innovative new foods.

Sustaining the Environment

Cavendish Farms is committed to sustaining the environment by adopting high quality environmental standards. That’s why we’re the first potato producer to convert solid waste to bio-methane gas in a state-of-the-art bio gas facility. Our team of potato experts has also developed the Russet Prospect potato, which requires less fertilizer and soil fumigation.

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