David's Cookies


David’s Cookies is a leading manufacturer of a wide variety of baked goods for the foodservice industry.  In addition to their high quality cookie dough available in 12 sizes, 8 categories and dozens of flavors we also produce brownies, muffin batter, T&S muffins, scones, cinnamon rolls, Danish, cheesecake, individual desserts, tarts, cakes and Specialty items such as gluten free cookies and brownies. Here are the new muffins in stock:
Blueberry Crumb #7135169
Banana Nut #7135180
Corn Muffin #7135181
Cinnamon Chip #7135182
Apple Streusel #7135183
Chocolate Cheese #7135184
Pistachio #7135176
Pumpkin Cheese #7135177
Chocolate Chip #7135175
Cranberry Orange #7135882
French Toast #7135927


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