Celebrating over 60 years of Servicing the Food Service Industry

Are you using the right glove for the right task?

Handgards® wants to help you choose the right glove for the right task. With the recent labor shortages, supply chain delays, and the high cost of raw materials, choosing the right glove for your operation is a critical decision that can impact your bottom line. In addition, the pandemic has also forced food establishments to protect their customers as well as their employees. We are now seeing a new “normal” that will require you to add new tasks to your establishment.

For over 60 years Handgards has been manufacturing and delivering high-quality food grade products to the foodservice industry. We managed to position ourselves as the leader in food safety innovations by providing a variety of disposable gloves that give our customers the satisfaction and reassurance they deserve. Our unparalleled knowledge has made us a valued resource that our customers turn to for food safety products and guidance. Handgards mission is to deliver the right glove, for the right task, at the right price and to give the end-user the extra protection needed to prevent food contamination. We work closely with restaurant operators, chefs, and servers to continue learning firsthand what our customers need.

Our glove guide helps identify what glove works best for that specific task and how to protect your kitchen staff, servers, and customers.

For over 60 years, Handgards® has earned the respect and confidence of the food service industry as a progressive innovator in food safety. We also are the industry leader in supplying quality products to our customers. We have been the leader for food service disposables and have flourished by retaining our industry leading ability to develop new and innovative products that help you save time and money.

We are also first in food safety innovations that protects the end-user from costly outbreaks of food contamination by providing the broadest menu of products that have a high standard of service all our own.

Unlike other companies in our industry, we’re an innovator and a manufacturer, not just a distributor.

We are capable of manufacturing a wide variety of films using HDPE, LDPE, mLLDPE and Nylon resins. In addition, flexographic printing on the film is available to add a distinct branding message to your products. We continue to manufacture products right here in the USA, providing quicker turnarounds.

To insure high-quality products and a commitment to food safety, we have met all of the requirements to be an SQF (Safe Food Quality) certified facility. Handgards is committed to producing and supplying safe food packaging to each our customers and complying with regulatory requirements, and establish and maintain a company-wide food safety culture and focus on continuous improvement of our Food Safety Management System.

Our primary mission is to satisfy the needs of our customers by providing quality products and service of the highest level. With our modern manufacturing facility, Handgards is very well prepared to provide manufacturing solutions and provide expertise for your industrial applications for years to come.


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