Hanover Foods


Family Owned Since 1924

Hanover Foods Corporation is also a significant player in the lucrative private label business. The company operates plants in Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, and Guatemala, producing over 40 million cases of glass-pack, canned, frozen, refrigerated, freeze-dried, and snack food products each year. 

From our fields, to your table

Supporting your local farmers since 1924

Want to know the secret behind Hanover Foods’ exceptional quality of fresh-picked, delicious vegetable products? We’ll give you a little hint: it’s as important to us as it is to you! Our network of progressive farmers doesn’t just grow and harvest fresh veggies – they eat them too! They live on the farms where they work and thrive on the products that they grow. That’s why you can always count on the Hanover name to deliver fresh, wholesome taste in every single package we produce, right down to the last flavorful bite your family enjoys. When we say ‘from our fields to your table,’ we truly mean it! Check out this video for a little behind-the-scenes glimpse at what goes into our quality products.


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