Holten Meat

For more than five decades, St. Louis-based Holten Meats has been a family-owned player in a sector dominated by corporate giants. Over the years the company has remained focused on customer needs to grow from a four-employee local company to a more than 300-employee state-of-the-art processor. Innovative solutions like our legendary THICK N JUICY® burger are a great example of how a consistent customer-centered attitude builds both your business and our own.

Burgers have never been bigger. They occupy a sizable part of the food landscape, not to mention the consumer mindscape.

For our operators, burgers are all-important. That’s why they specify THICK N JUICY. In a wide variety of applications, from large stadium foodservice operations to mom and pop stores, it not only pleases diners, it outperforms the competition. In fact, we welcome competitive cuttings to help prospects see the advantages of our burger head to head: Quicker cook time, better yield, consistent juiciness, and above all, great taste.

When the burger matters, we win.


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