Joseph's Gourmet Pasta

A Passion for Perfection

When you continuously do one thing right, day in and day out, you can’t help but create perfection. Joseph’s Gourmet Pasta – authentic, artisanal quality, frozen pasta, more than 20 years in the making.

About Joseph’s Pasta:

The chefs at Joseph’s Gourmet Pasta create more than 200 varieties of pasta, sauce products and other culinary innovations that make their way into the kitchens of independent restaurants, chains and other foodservice establishments all across the country.

Our culinary team is obsessed with creating delicious, high-quality products. It all starts in our 150,000-square-foot pasta making facility that is approved by both the USDA and FDA. This means we meet all of the stringent HACCP regulations that ensure food safety. What’s more, our products are certified to a Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) recognized scheme and we receive consistent quality ratings in the top 5 percent of all manufacturing plants in the U.S.

Our made-from-scratch fillings taste as close as you can get to making pasta in your own kitchen. That’s because we insist on cooking with time-honored, old-fashioned techniques, like fire-roasting and caramelizing mushrooms, vegetables and garlic.

At Joseph’s Gourmet Pasta, we never forget that it’s what’s inside that counts!


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