Kettle Cuisine

We’re a passionate, innovative food company committed to making wholesome and delicious artisan food.


Our Roots

Our story began with soup, and, if you’ve ever made it, you know how time-consuming and challenging it can be. Preparing and chopping ingredients. Measuring herbs and spices. Hours of boiling bones or vegetables to make stock from scratch. Adding each ingredient at just the right moment. Building flavor slowly, layer by layer.

Kettle Cuisine began in 1986 as a door-to-door campaign to fill a void in the market and change the soup status quo. That meant making and bringing the freshest, highest quality soups to restaurants that had neither the time nor ability to do it themselves. That entrepreneurial, artisan, pioneering, can-do spirit is our DNA—and continues to inspire and guide us today.

From Nourishing Soups to Unforgettable Center of Plate Meats

The highest quality, most consistent, and safest food possible – at the pace and scale you need.


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