“Our mission is to produce an outstanding cup of coffee for our customers.”


“We are small batch craft roasters of 100% Arabica coffee beans sourced responsibly from around the world. We roast, grind, and bag all of our coffee in house at our facility in Dover, NH. You can find our coffee in the area’s best restaurants, specialty stores, online and at our factory outlet.”


“We realize a good cup of coffee can be a prerequisite to starting your day, a pleasant surprise during an office meeting, or the perfect finish to an amazing meal. We tailor our wholesale solutions to your specific situation. Our professional staff will handle equipment installations and maintenance to make sure that the coffee you serve will be consistently delicious wherever and whatever the occasion.”

If you are interested in private label or contract roasting, we handle that too. From small jobs such as wedding or party favors, to full production runs that can scale as you grow, our team will deliver the fresh, quality coffee you are looking for.