Traditional Breads

About Us

Traditional Breads became a reality in 1999. Born out of the dreams and aspirations of visionary Fitzroy Alexander. In search of the American dream, Fitzroy came to the United States from Grenada. During the first five years in the U.S., he lived with a group who owned a bakery. Starting as a dishwasher, Alexander worked really hard and moved his way up through promotions. Along the way, he gained a strong foundation in the culinary art of the baking industry.

At age 22 and with the support of 15 partners, he launched a bakery: Signature Breads. The company grew to a staff of 300 and with much success was sold in 1998 to Hazelwood Farms; currently owned by Pillsbury.
A year later he was following another dream . . . He planned and built a factory in Lynn, Massachusetts. Becoming a city landmark and key employer for the city. His products delight palates and bring many together to savor his creations.  Alexander has been very successful and rapidly gained recognition from local entrepreneur circles and all across the United States.

Today, Traditional Breads continues on the growth path as pioneers and developers of Premium Delicious, and Traditional Breads . . .


Our Mission is to achieve a level of excellence throughout our organization that results in unprecedented levels of product quality, customer service and employee satisfaction.


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