Westminster Cracker Co


With so many crackers on the market, finding the right fit for your establishment sometimes poses a challenge. At least it might have, before finding Westminster Crackers.

Our flaky, crunchy crackers prove the old adage true: “Let the product speak for itself.” People can’t get enough of our crackers, and we’re dedicated to providing customers with a delicious, all-natural option. Let other companies rely on orange “cheese” and fake food ingredients which can’t be pronounced. Our crackers have been made with seven simple ingredients since Westminster Crackers first opened its doors in 1828. We continue to bake our crackers without any preservatives or trans fats. And we continue to provide a product that contains no sugar, is low in salt and fat, but remains high in taste and customer satisfaction.

Available through distribution in 47 states, Westminster crackers can be found in more than 40 national restaurant chains and thousands of independent restaurants. People don’t always pay that much attention to crackers, but after they’re served our crackers in restaurants, they love them so much they track us down – over 23,000 of them since we began counting! Chefs specify Westminster crackers by name, and that loyalty spurs us on to do our best with each and every batch.


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