Registration Success

Thank you for registering to attend Favorite Foods 2024 New Item Marketplace on April 2nd!

We are excited to introduce our customers to the latest and greatest products now available from our supplier partners. Our New Item Marketplace is a great mix of educating our customers on the Favorite Food product mix as well as introducing them to new to market items that may be of interest to them.

“The suspense is terrible; I hope it will last.” ~Willy Wonka (Gene Wilder)

Here are the details:

Where is the event taking place?
This year’s event is being held at the Regatta Banquet and Conference Center located in Eliot, Maine. (Just 5 minutes from Portsmouth, and 1 hour from Manchester, Boston, and Portland. We try to host our events at a location that falls geographically within the core of our customer base.)

What is the theme for the show? Are there requirements around décor?
We are excited to enter Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. Think 1971- Gene Wilder edition. Golden tickets, candy, and you may even see an Oompa Loompa running around.
Have fun with us or try to keep this theme in mind as you plan your booth décor and attire for the show. 😊

What items can I show?
We ask our exhibiting suppliers to show both existing stocked items as well as select new items. Any new items must be readily available to Favorite Foods. Specifically, if we do not purchase our products direct from a supplier, the items must be stocked at one of our re-distributor partners (i.e. DOT, G & C, or Honor Foods.)

We ask that you submit any NEW items that you plan on showcasing at the event by Friday, March 1st.

Product Description:
Manufacturer Code:
Source (Direct or ReDi source)
Pack Size
And OUR cost

We will review all items to ensure there are no duplicates at the show or already in stock at Favorite Foods. Requests for replacements will be sent by end of day Monday, March 3rd, if needed.

How does the show work?
Show attendees will make their way through the exhibit hall with a tablet to take notes on items they see and place orders. Exhibiting Suppliers are also supplied tablets to assist in processing orders and track leads. All orders placed will be fulfilled, and any NEW items that garner significant customer response will be brought into stock at Favorite Foods and promoted to ALL Favorite Foods customers in the weeks following the show.

What are the dates and times for set up and day of show?
Set up will take place at the location both Monday April 1st from noon-5pm and on Tuesday morning from 6am-9am. We will be hosting our annual Vendor Breakfast on site the day of the show at 8am. The show floor will be open for attendees from 10am to 4pm.

Prior to the show or during breakdown, equipment, food, displays, etc. can be loaded/unloaded through one of two exits at the back of the building. Breakdown will begin promptly at 4pm on April 2nd. Please DO NOT break down your booths prior to 4pm!

Am I guaranteed that all/some of my NEW items will be brought into stock at Favorite Foods?
There is no guarantee that any of the NEW items you showcase will be brought into stock. We will fulfill any orders taken at the show, however. If there is only interest by one or two customers, the item will be treated as “Special Order.” If there is significant interest, however (4+ customers who wish to purchase the product,) we will bring the item into stock. Following the show, each manufacturer will be provided with a recap of the orders placed at the show.

Who attends The New Item Marketplace?
Show attendees are made up of existing and prospective customers of Favorite Foods, operators from NH, MA, and ME independent restaurants, bakeries, production facilities, and schools. We promote the event through email blasts, Statement “Save the Dates,” Invoice reminders, 2 separate mailers, Sales Rep hand delivered invitations, as well as a driver promotion. We target not only our existing Favorite Foods and Mid-Town Beef customers, but our newly acquired Donahue Brothers customers will be joining the party, as well!

How will the floor be set up?
Each Exhibitor will be allocated one 6’ table per manufacturer with a full tablecloth to display and exhibit your products. As we have found in year’s past, most exhibitors choose to stand in front of their tables to free up a little space and interact with customers.
Waste receptacles will be placed appropriately throughout the room.
Ice will be available to exhibitors at no charge on the day of the show.

What’s the plan for cooking product?
You will have access to The Regatta Room’s kitchen and may tap into the resources available there to do your cooking and running of food. In addition, if you would like the ability to do small scale presentation at your booth (i.e. a sauté station) you are welcome to do so! Please plan to have a protective mat with you, to protect the carpet at The Regatta Room to be respectful of the venue flooring and protect from potential spills.
Grease and trash disposal are available on site.

How will electrical be handled?
This show fee covers the cost of your appearance in the show program, your booth/table, and access to both our on-site staff and the kitchen. Electrical requirements and fees will be separate and paid directly by each exhibitor to our contracted electrician. We can send you the appropriate forms for you to fill out and send directly to Gimas Electrical.

Can I ship products for the show to Favorite Foods?
No. Please DO NOT ship items/products purposed for the show to Favorite Foods. We will be gearing up for the heavy summer season and will not be equipped to handle an influx of products that are not stocked at Favorite Foods and not meant for slotting. Please plan to secure your own product prior to the show and transport to the location.

Regatta Banquet & Conference Center
Elliot Commons
28 Levesque Dr (Rte 236)
Eliot, ME 03903
(207) 351-4623
[email protected]

From Portand: Exit 2 off I-95 (Kittery/S. Berwick)
From Boston: Exit 3 off I-95 (Kittery/S. Berwick)
Then Route 236 North to Eliot 2.5 Miles
Elliot commons will be on your left.

Should you have any questions or require additional support, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Otherwise, we look forward to seeing you at our 2024 New Item Marketplace.