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Sparrow Enterprises, Ltd

Importer and distributor of bulk commodity ingredients, fine chocolate, and food service products including Cocoa powder, coconut, seeds, milk powders and more. Located in East Boston, Massachusetts, Sparrow Enterprises was founded in 1924 as a regional distributor of cocoa powder and chocolate to the confectionary trade. Today, Sparrow offers over 10 specialty chocolate lines, and carries over 2,000 products for use throughout the food industry. Sparrow specializes in chocolate and other commodity items for use in baking, confectionary, and ice cream/dairy industries. Many of our products are packed conveniently for foodservice. Our wide range of products allows Sparrow to serve users across all spectrums, from institutions and manufacturers to fine pastry chefs.

An In-Depth Look at their Chocolate Offerings:

  • Chocolate Drops/Chunks Multi- Brands (10, 25, 30, 50 lbs) (M =1,000 pieces/lb)
  • Pure Chocolate/Semi-sweet – 1M, 2M, 4M, 10M and 900 count; Milk – 1M, White – 1M and 4M
  • Chunks – Semi-Sweet, Milk and White (various shapes/sizes) Also Organic, Gluten Free, Non-GMO and Vegan drops
  • Couvertures – US & Imported (Various Weights) Ambrosia (USA), Barry Callebaut (USA), Callebaut (Belgium), Blommer (USA); Conexion – Ecuadorian Fair Trade; El Rey (Venezuela) temporarily out-of-stock; Guittard (USA); Merckens (USA); Meso Cacao – Direct trade (Central American); Peters (USA); Republica del Cacao – direct trade (Ecuador/Dominican Republic); Schokinag (Germany); Valrhona (France) and Wilbur (USA)
  • Compound Drops – Flavored drops made with Palm oil etc. (various weights), Butterscotch – 1M, 2M & 4M, Cinnamon – 5M, Peanut Butter – 1M and 4M, White – 1M and 4M, Cocoa – 1M and 4M,
  • Chocolate Liquor (Unsweetened) & Cocoa Butter – US & Imported Liquor: Blommer discs 40 lbs, 5 lbs; Callebaut callets 5.5 lbs & 11 lbs blocks; Schokinag discs 22 lbs
  • Cocoa Butter Bulk 35 lbs pails; Chips 3kg; My Cryo Powder 550 gram
  • Compound Confectionary Coatings – Non-Tempering *(*Various weights and manufacturers), White Block, Dark, Milk and White Wafers; Sparrow “Pennies” Dark and White, Merckens Colored Wafers – (Purple, Blue, Red, Green, Orange, Pink & Super White)
  • Sugar Free Chocolate, Drops Semi Sweet 1M (50 lbs); Couverture – Dark, Milk (in 55 lbs cases)
  • Organic and Fair-Trade Products– Pure Chocolate drops – 1M & 4M (50 lbs); Valrhona 38% Milk & 72% wafers (9 kg), Guittard Fair trade couvertures (Dark, Milk & White) 72%, 64%, 61%, 58%, Milk 41%, 35%, White 34%, 31%., Organic 10/12 cocoa powder, Organic Coconut Chip 25 lbs; Organic Medium Coconut 25 lbs; Organic Raisins 30 lbs
  • Cocoa Powder – US & Imported – Cargill, Bensdorp & Valrhona Various Sizes ( 5, 25, 4×11, and 50 lbs), 10/12% Dutch-Processed, Natural and Black & Organic; 20/22% Dutch-Processed; 22/24% Dutch-Processed
  • Chocolate Specialty Items (for filling and decorations)- Cups – Variety of shapes and sizes in Dark, White, Marble & Pastel colors, Shavings – Dark and White (5.5 lbs), Blossom Curls – Dark, White & Caramel (8.8 lbs); Curled Shavings – Milk, White & Dark 4 lbs, Ribbon Shavings – Dark, White and Marble (4 lbs); Spaghetti –Dark, Decorations – Fans, Round, Points, Roses, Leaves, Filigree, etc., Pencils – Dark, White & Marble; Mocha Coffee Beans (8kg & 1kg), Batons (Chocolate sticks) Imported. Crispy Pearls – white, dark & milk, Truffle Shells – white, dark & milk
  • Inclusions for Ice Cream and Baking (25 and 50 lbs)- Chips, Chunks and Flakes – Numerous Shapes and Sizes, Semi-Sweet and White, “S & M’s” (candy coated chocolate), Heath Bar Crunch, Peanut Butter Cups, Skor Bits, Gertrude Hawk Frozen Inclusions: Peanut Butter Cups; Dark Raspberry Cups, Milk Caramel Cups, Milk Fudge Cups, Dark Mint Cups, Milk Polar Bits; Broken Milk Peanut Butter Cups.



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