Sweet Source Desserts

All day indulgence!

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, or pick any time in between, satisfying your sweet tooth isn’t simply controlled by a clock or even conventional wisdom. As the adage goes, the heart wants what the heart wants…well, the same goes with your cravings. Maybe you are considering a slice of chocolate cake, brownie, and/or cheesecake with your first cup of coffee in the morning. We get it and we say, “Go for it!”. If you don’t, it will be on your mind until you finally indulge, and you know that’s true. So, if you are thinking about a second piece, go ahead…we won’t judge.

Features & Benefits

Cakes & Confections isn’t just another “dessert” brand that plays by the rules. It’s the embodiment of sweet indulgence for any time of day. It’s about having convenient, indulgent sweet treats that complement any daypart and satisfy any sweet craving. Whether cool and creamy or warm and gooey, feel free to enjoy it whenever you want. Any time, any way you serve it, it’s right.

Here are the items in stock at Favorite Foods:

Magnificent 3 Layer Carrot Cake #7920770

Chocolate Mondo 3 Layer Cake #7920810

Fudge Brownie #7920760

Italian Lemon Luscious Cake #7920820

Bite Size Cheesecakes #7920780

NY Style Cheesecake #7920800

Salted Caramel Cheesecake #7920790

Tiramisu Tray #7920830


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